General Dentistry

Ensuring good oral health habits will help you to preserve your natural teeth. At Penfield Family Dentistry we use a variety of services and procedures to support your healthy smile as well as general health.

Did you know that there are proven medical links between general health conditions such as cardiovascular disease and common oral infections?

Regular Cleanings & Oral Exams are vital. Be proactive with your teeth and gums by visiting regularly so we can detect early signs of dental disease.  These habits should start in childhood so that health-promoting habits can develop early. Toddlers will benefit from early examination for signs of tooth decay and become comfortable in the dental office. Every stage of life carries with it particular oral health concerns, and Penfield Family Dentistry is trained to address them all.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Implant Restoration



Root Canal Treatment

Teeth Whitening

Tooth Decay Prevention

Crowns & Bridgework

TMD Treatment


Oral Cancer Screenings

Removable Dentures