Your Comfort Is Our Primary Concern

Relax and listen to music from our extensive music library.

Music has been found to relieve stress and anxiety during any medical visit. Choose from over 40 million songs from our streaming music library. Rock out to Led Zeppelin or chill out to some cool jazz. With everything from Metallica to Glen Miller you’ll be sure to find something you like. Use our cordless headphones or just listen along with our staff.

Put your feet up and watch TV or a movie. What could be better than that?

How about watching TV while you relax in one of our plush dental chairs? You can watch HDTV or one of our DVDs while receiving treatment. Our goal is to give you the best dental care with the comfort of your own living room. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

We’ll make sure you stay warm and comfortable with one of our super soft blankets

Many patients get the “chills” while in the dental chair, even when the room is warm. We always have clean blankets and pillows available for your comfort!

Your local bakery doesn’t fix teeth, but we bake cookies. Oh so good!

After your visit, you can enjoy an ooey-gooey fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie. Nothing beats the taste of a warm cookie straight out of the oven!

Enjoy a cup of Keurig coffee, hot chocolate or tea. Yes, just for you!

Need something to wash down that delicious cookie?  Enjoy a fresh brewed Keurig single brew coffee, hot chocolate or tea in our reception room.  Choose from a variety of flavors, pop it in the brewer and you’ve got a great beverage in less than a minute.

For the ultimate in patient comfort we offer sedation with Nitrous Oxide

Inhalation sedation using Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and Oxygen (O2) is an ideal clinical sedative.  After about 5 minutes of breathing the gas, a euphoria overtakes the anxiety that many people experience in the dental chair.  Couple this “laughing gas”, as many refer to it, with some music of your choice using cordless headphones, and your dental procedure changes from a stressful ordeal to a blissful experience.